Our society’s increased dependence on technology is generating a need for highly qualified individuals who have the skills to support and create that technology. Therefore, it is essential to equip middle and high school students with the fundamentals of computer science so they have a foundation upon which to navigate the world and their future careers.

In this course, you’ll learn how to prepare students to meet the needs of our modern economy through an overview of what computer science is, a discussion of how it affects our society, and tools for bringing computer science skills into a variety of learning environments. You’ll review several resources and choose which ones will work best in your classroom setting given your level of access to technology. In addition, you’ll examine the long-term benefits of teaching students computer science skills and how to be good digital citizens.

With the techniques from this course, you’ll be able impart skills that students will use for a lifetime and also give them a head start in a highly valuable vocational field.