A well-organized classroom is an important instructional tool. When everything has a place and there is a clear system for maintaining order, students and teachers can focus on learning. In an organized classroom, desks are tidy, papers are filed, materials are accounted for, and the physical layout matches the needs of instructional activities. But with the many tasks and responsibilities teachers juggle on a daily basis, keeping the classroom organized often loses top priority.

In this course, you will garner practical, proven methods for creating and maintaining an organized classroom throughout the school year. You will design a personalized organization plan that best supports students and instructional goals, including everything from eliminating clutter to creating a functional filing system for storing important resources and curriculum materials. In addition, you’ll learn how to motivate students to be active participants in your classroom’s organization and take ownership of your shared space.

By the end of this course, you will be able to implement organizational strategies that reduce distractions and promote productivity, a sense of control, and efficiency for the benefit of both you and your students.