This course examines all aspects of student motivation. Students come to a classroom with varying levels of motivation to learn; some individuals are ready and eager to learn, while others struggle with learning the content. Why do the levels of motivation that students bring to the classroom each day differ so greatly? Why are some students motivated and other students not motivated? To some extent, we can use theory and the principles of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to explain the complexity of student motivation. Motivation impacts student learning, and educators have the unique opportunity to positively impact every student regardless of his or her level of motivation when entering the classroom. We have designed this course to give teachers a thorough understanding of the major theories of motivation, explain their role in encouraging and promoting student motivation, and provide strategies that they can implement to assist their students in developing a motivational mindset toward learning. This course will also examine learning approaches, discuss the concepts of growth mindset and grit, explain how to create a positive learning climate, and discuss the importance of encouraging academic risk.