Success in sports results from several factors, the most popular of which are skill and strength. However, two areas that are often overlooked are speed and agility. Many believe that athletes are born fast and agile and that training can’t overcome deficiencies in these skills. However, with the right programs, coaches can help athletes enhance and build upon both of these areas. Although speed and agility training differs depending on the sport and level, all coaches can benefit from developing a deeper understanding of what speed and agility training looks like for all sports. In this course, you will develop speed and agility programs that will enhance your athletes’ performance regardless of what sport you coach or your athletes’ level of proficiency. The course takes a close look at plyometrics, a form of exercise that involves rapid and repeated stretching and contracting of the muscles. You will examine how physical features either allow or prevent athletes from developing speed, and you will create strategies for overcoming these obstacles while limiting injuries. With the techniques you learn in this course, you will be able to coach all of your students to increase these essential athletic skills regardless of innate ability.