Although funding and consideration for art classes has waned in recent years, you can still incorporate artistic strategies into the topics you teach. When used correctly, arts-based educational strategies can enhance and deepen learning and help students see the art in everything around them.

In this course, you will cultivate arts-based educational strategies that foster creative thinking skills and nurture the growth of children’s literacy skills and cognitive development. You will learn what the arts are; why they are important; how they contribute to students’ social– emotional, cognitive, creative, and psychomotor learning; and how they can be a part of everyday literacy instruction. Regardless of what subject you teach, incorporating sounds, images, movements, and stories can help students engage in the topic and retain information in a more meaningful way.

With the easy-to-use pedagogical models from this course, you will be able to intentionally plan arts activities and lessons to deliver classroom content in an effective, powerful way.