Traditionally, classrooms and instruction involved the teacher standing in front of students handing down the information they needed to know. However, current pedagogical theory encourages students to be self-directed learners who take ownership over their own education. How can you reconcile these two methodologies in your classroom?

In this course, you will gain the resources you need to implement partnering pedagogy in your classroom. With a focus on the need for real-world links to classroom lessons, this approach allows students to lead the learning experience while you provide guidance and direction. You’ll learn how to select lesson topics, create “guiding questions,” and incorporate technology as a learning tool. You’ll also cultivate strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of your partneringbased lessons, including how to involve students in suggesting changes to the learning process.

Using the techniques from this course, you will be able to introduce partnering pedagogy into your classroom to combine the best of your unique teaching style and your students’ diverse learning styles and interests.