Student well-being and social–emotional development are essential to academic achievement— but these are only a beginning. Infusing learning with personal passion, compelling purpose, and humanitarianism is at the heart of the benefit mindset—an exciting new teaching perspective that moves empathy, inclusion, and altruism to the forefront of education. The benefit mindset helps students see beyond performing for a final test or project, and shows them how they can apply their talents and their education to helping others.

In this course, you will explore the principles and scientific research behind adopting the benefit mindset. You’ll develop strategies for making altruism, empathy, and appreciation into genuine habits in your classroom to help students see how their contributions can make others’ lives better. In addition, you’ll create activities that will show students how they are part of something bigger than themselves, and instill a sense of connectedness that inspires them to share their gifts for the good of those around them.

Using the knowledge and techniques form this course, you will be able to seamlessly integrate the benefit mindset into any curriculum to transform your students’ learning into a deeply meaningful experience that boosts their confidence, increases their achievement, and truly makes a difference in the world.