Educating young people is a task shared by many parties. A student’s success doesn’t rest solely in the hands of his or her teachers. Parents, community groups, and local businesses can all play a vital part in educating America’s youth. When schools work collaboratively with these groups, students thrive both personally and academically, and the adults benefit as well when they know they are positively influencing the education system and the lives of their youth.

In this course, you will gain concrete, actionable strategies for partnering with families and community organizations to foster meaningful educational experiences for students. From examples of successful partnerships to practical applications, you will learn how to seek out, connect with, and facilitate effective partnerships with the broader community. In addition, you’ll learn how to engage the parents of special needs children and English language learners in their children’s education.

Using the techniques from this course, you’ll be ready to implement a plan to successfully involve your community in fostering all students’ achievement.