Communication is essential for any relationship, whether it’s a spouse, friend, or colleague. The need for good communication increases tenfold when you are dealing with an entire classroom of students with whom you need to communicate and who need to communicate with each other in a healthy, effective way.

In this course, you will learn how to communicate effectively with students, parents, and coteachers to create a strong classroom environment of open communication. Such an environment will aid students in developing and strengthening their communication skills by focusing on interpersonal and group communications. Key topics include verbal and nonverbal communication, listening and giving feedback, written communication, and modeling effective communication in the classroom. You’ll also learn strategies for improving multicultural communication and integrating social media and other modern forms of technology to facilitate open dialogue in your class.

Using the techniques from this course, you will become a strong communicator who can effectively manage relationships with parents, students, and colleagues, and model good communication to help your students grow to be skilled and thoughtful communicators.