Getting your students quiet, focused, and primed for learning during the first five minutes of class can be extremely challenging. However, integrating bell-ringers (i.e., quick, targeted startof-class activities that students do at their desks) and exit slips (i.e., activities completed during the last five minutes of class) into your instruction can make beginning and ending a class less difficult.

In this course, you will develop concrete, actionable strategies for choosing bell-ringers and exit slips based on curricular objectives. You’ll learn how to differentiate bell-ringer and exit slip activities for diverse learners (e.g., English language learners, students with special needs) and formatively assess student work so you can modify instruction going forward. In addition, you’ll review examples of bell-ringers and exit slips for different subject areas so you can engage students in creative and critical thinking and incorporate these activities into daily instruction.

Using the techniques and resources from this course, you’ll be able to easily implement best practices for using bell-ringers and exit slips to start and end every class period successfully.

NOTE: If you have taken the Advancement Courses course Getting Off On The Right Foot With Bell-Ringers, we advise you not to take this course, as its contents are similar. You may, instead, take one of our other courses on assessment strategies.