Healthy students are more engaged in school, happier, and better equipped to make good decisions regarding their physical and mental health as adults. But health, wellness, and fitness aren’t one-time events; they require consistent attention and habits, and because teachers see students nearly every day throughout the school year, they are in an excellent position to reinforce long-lasting positive behaviors. 

In this course, you will enhance your knowledge of your current physical, mental, and emotional health practices to find additional ways to promote overall wellness in your elementary, middle, or high school students. You will learn techniques for fostering healthy student development, including physical fitness, nutrition, social–emotional well-being, and stress reduction. In addition, you’ll develop strategies for incorporating health and wellness into your everyday curriculum and promoting school-wide efforts at creating a healthy culture.

Using the knowledge and strategies from this course, you will be able to create a culture of health and wellness in your classroom, school, and beyond.