Every teacher dreams of creating lessons that fully engage their students and help them retain key knowledge and skills. Gamification and game-based learning tap into students’ natural brain processes to create student-centered, fun, and interactive content that will keep students engaged and wanting more. These techniques can be particularly impactful in challenging disciplines such as language instruction.

In this course, you will investigate the effectiveness of gamification and game-based learning compared to traditional language instruction. You’ll review a variety of examples of games and how each of them helps to deepen students’ engagement and understanding. In addition, you’ll learn how to incorporate gamed-based strategies into language instruction and how to scaffold and differentiate activities to meet the needs of all learners. Finally, you’ll create a set of games that you can immediately implement in language lessons with your students.

Using the resources and techniques from this course, you’ll be equipped to knowledgeably integrate game-based strategies into your language instruction to instill vital skills in your students in a fun and exciting way.