So much of our culture is about consumption. We spend hours consuming social media posts and streaming content, and our students also spend many hours of their school days consuming information to reproduce on a test. That’s why makerspaces are so important: They provide a time and space for students to create rather than consume, and they give students opportunities to develop innovative skills that will serve them in academia and beyond.

In this course, you will learn how to plan, create, manage, and facilitate your own unique, meaningful, and relevant makerspace. You’ll develop strategies to design both physical and digital tools for your makerspace; incorporate assessment and digital badging; and choose effective, budget-friendly makerspace products. Through a survey of academic literature and real-life examples, you will examine best practices for establishing makerspaces and gather several ideas for makerspace challenges and prompts to inspire students to create.

Using the resources and techniques from this course, you’ll be able to nurture your students’ creativity and foster a culture of making and creating in your library.