“Music makes you smarter.” Any music teacher is happy to share this truism with students, but learning science actually lends proof to the statement. Research shows strong links between music and essential brain processes and skills such as language acquisition and social– emotional learning. Music can benefit learners in any subject area—if teachers know how to integrate it appropriately. 

In this course, you will explore the most current research on the science behind learning music and its impact on the brain. Whether you teach music or another subject area, you will learn how formal music training enhances the learning process and how it can have positive effects on students’ psychological and emotional health. You’ll also see how you can use music to reach at-risk students, as music can have healing and therapeutic effects for children of all ages.

Using the tools and strategies from this course, you will be equipped to incorporate music into any academic discipline for the benefit of all students, and also be able to advocate for more formal music training in your school as a whole.