Mathematics is not the regurgitation of the facts and algorithms that have traumatized children for generations. Science has proven that we aren’t born with or without an elusive math gene that opens doors to successful and rewarding careers. Rather, math is an expression of the patterns that we recognize in our universe, allowing us to make sense of and communicate the wonder of our existence.

Building upon Carol Dweck’s landmark mindset theory, Stanford University’s Jo Boaler has embarked upon a mission to make math accessible to all, and this course gives you the tools to join her mission. You’ll examine current research on how our brains process learning in general and math in particular. In addition, you’ll develop strategies to encourage students to develop authentic number sense and generate enthusiasm in students while diminishing math anxiety. You’ll also learn best practices for providing equitable access to all of your students.

With the strategies that you learn in this course, you will be able to create a learning environment that encourages all students to access their natural mathematical abilities and build upon their ability to recognize the math that exists all around them.