Learning portfolios have been a best practice in the classroom long before the digital age. However, with advancements in content hosting and curation, portfolios have gotten a 21st-century upgrade in the form of e-portfolios. But how do you manage a large Web-based project like this? What structures do you put in place to keep students on task and engaged, and what programs do you use that will ensure appropriate accessibility and privacy?

In this course, you will construct an e-portfolio strategy for your classroom and incorporate best practices to enhance the learning experience for your students. You’ll survey research supporting the positive impact of this type of project, and select the e-portfolio tools that will work best for your students’ diverse needs and your specific educational context. In addition, you’ll learn how to structure your assessment plans to better integrate a portfolio project so you can more easily compile students’ learning artifacts.

By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive plan to implement an e-portfolio project that will help students reflect on their previous learning, demonstrate alignment with course standards, and showcase their proficiency to the outside world.