As you’ve undoubtedly experienced, emotionally unstable or distracted students can’t hope to focus in class or produce high-quality work. But how can you address the wide range of emotions all students bring to class when instructional time is already so limited?

In this course, you will gain a foundational knowledge of emotional intelligence and the emotional strengths and challenges that come with different personality traits. You will learn how to identify the source of emotional difficulties, and create strategies for addressing these challenges, including guided discussions, classroom instruction, and meditation and mindfulness activities. Through these exercises, your students will increase their focus, selfawareness, coping skills, and ability to handle stress. In addition, you will develop strategies for working with the parents of troubled students to help them support their children’s emotional development at home.

With the techniques you learn from this course, you will be equipped to strengthen students’ self-confidence, focus, stress management, and empathy for others, making them healthier learners and more well-rounded human beings.