“I've always been the type of teacher who's tired at the end of the school year because I've given my all – every day – for the past nine months.” 

How many teachers can relate to this sentiment? Teacher burnout is an increasingly common phenomenon in the world of education. Long hours, stressful environments, and intense expenditures of energy, brainpower, and compassion can all contribute to decreased health and wellness outcomes among teachers, especially over the course of multiple years. 

This course is designed to offer key strategies to educators for creating a healthy work/life balance, advocating for a more sustainable lifestyle, and improving outlook and inspiration both inside and outside of the classroom. Through a series of self-inventories and assessments, learners will identify the sources of their burnout and identify strategies for preventing/reversing educator burnout. By the end of the course, the learner will be better prepared to manage the stressors inherent to life as an educator in order to create a path to teacher wellness.