The Common Core State Standards in Math (CCSSM) for Grades 6-8 outline what middle school students need to know, understand, and be able to do in order to prepare for high school, college, and careers; this course provides participants with the knowledge and skills for how to effectively meet these goals. This course deeply familiarizes participants with both the CCSSM content standards and the Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMP) and how to interweave the two sets of standards across instruction to increase the focus, coherence, and rigor of math instruction. This course provides both experienced and new teachers with a deep understanding of the content, philosophy, shifts in focus, and classroom applications of the CCSSM.


As the participant moves through the course, he or she redesigns non-CCSSM aligned activities and plans new ones that incorporate the CCSSM content and practice standards. Participants also gain a comprehensive set of best practices for developing higher-order questioning and discussion techniques, building learning progressions into math activities, and designing formative assessments to gauge student learning and allow for instructional modifications as needed. Finally, bearing in mind the cross-curricular aims of the CCSS, the course equips participants with strategies for incorporating language and literacy skills into math instruction and techniques to create real-world math application through interactive, hands-on and technology-based math activities.