As the inclusive classroom model gains popularity, students who have learning disabilities are integrating into the general classroom population more and more. Regardless of how much experience you have with learning disabilities, it can be intimidating to know how to best serve these students in a classroom of 20 to 30 others. Thus, it is more important than ever that teachers at every level and in every subject are prepared to meet the needs of these students without burning out or neglecting the needs of the rest of the class.

In this course, you will cultivate resources designed to maximize learning for students who have learning disabilities. You’ll review current research and laws, processes for assessing and identifying learning disabilities, information on how to access services, and tips for communicating with families of students with learning disabilities. In addition, you’ll develop concrete strategies for creating flexible assignments that allow for choice and meet a variety of needs, and for creating a positive classroom culture that encourages students’ academic success and desire to learn.

Using the techniques from this course, you’ll be equipped to reach your students with disabilities while still meeting the needs of all students in your classroom.