Our students will be entering a world and job market that is full of unforeseen challenges that require brand-new solutions. We can’t teach them the answers to unknown problems; we can only teach them how to think creatively, so they can strategically approach and effectively address these challenges as they arise. Creativity is so important that it is embedded in many of the local, state, and national standards we use in our schools, including the Common Core State Standards.

In this course, you will explore the connection between literacy and creativity to better understand how students in elementary English language arts classrooms can effectively articulate their ideas, collaborate, and communicate with one another. You will learn the positive outcomes associated with creativity, including improved communication, cooperation, self esteem, and critical-thinking skills. To help improve your students’ creativity, you will study best practices for developing and implementing creative literacy projects that integrate the arts, tips for offering constructive feedback, and strategies that allow students to work independently.

With the knowledge you gain from this course, you will be equipped to teach creatively in your language arts classroom and prepare students for dynamic and creative lives and careers.