Graduate Credit

According to Dr. Susan M. Sheridan (n.d.), “Research shows that when a partnership approach between parents and teachers is evident, children’s work habits, attitudes about school and grades improve. They demonstrate better social skills, fewer behavioral problems and a greater ability to adapt to situations and get along.” As educators, we want what’s best for our students! It is our job to establish, foster, and maintain productive relationships with parents so that our students can be successful.

This course will introduce you to the importance of regular, effective communication with parents since all good relationships are built upon trust, openness, and regular communication. After developing a clear understanding of why communication is necessary, you will begin to explore how to create such opportunities within your classroom. Next, you will learn exactly how create and foster meaningful partnerships with parents. Parents can be partners in many ways, ranging from supporting their children at home, volunteering in the classroom, taking part in important decision making, and much more! After diving deeply into examples of parent partnerships, you will develop a plan for forging parent partnerships within your own classroom and school community.

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to create meaningful partnerships with parents that last.