Expertly crafted courses with real application in today’s K-12 educational setting.

Over 25 years of experience has taught us what professional development should be.

Our courses are designed by expert teachers with extensive experience to be meaningful and practical, yet also inspiring and supportive of transformative educators. Courses are not just filled with innovative techniques and perspectives, but also illustrate how to apply these tools in the classroom. And with each course you’ll obtain access to a broader learning community of like-minded, motivated professionals to practice and hone your craft, while also developing tangible artifacts such as lesson plans, authentic assessments, or questioning techniques that can be immediately implemented in your own educational setting.

Facilitation and feedback with every course.

Experienced facilitators guide you through your courses.

With proven track records of supporting teachers across content areas and grade levels, our facilitators guide learners through their courses by answering questions, offering detailed feedback on assignments, and providing a foundation to help each learner create the tools they will take with them into the classroom. Facilitators have a deep understanding of national standards like the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, and feedback is always constructive, research-based, and practical.